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Eagles Over the Kennebec

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Sharon Lee
11 September 1952
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The Short Version: I live in Maine with my lovely and talented husband of many years, and four intrepid cats. We write (well, not the cats; they sleep, mostly), together and singly.

The Long Version: My name is Sharon Lee and this is my personal blog. Posts about my cats, my day, and the weather are not uncommon. Sometimes, my posts are political. I fall on what's nowadays called the liberal side of the scale, so if you can't tolerate That Sort of Thing, this might not be a place you want to visit.

Since I'm a writer, and that's, y'know, what I do, I sometimes post notes on the current project, word counts, publishing news, &c. If you're looking for pithy and insightful dissections of the process and the business of writing, this is not the blog you want.

And finally -- Friends Policy. If you do add this blog to your flist, please don't be hurt if I don't friend you back. I deliberately keep my flist small, so that I actually do get some writing done, and don't spend all day reading blogs.

If you're still with me after all of that -- welcome!

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Last book turned in: The Gathering Edge, 20th Liaden Universe® novel, to be published May 2017

Current Writing Project: Liaden Universe® novel, working title Book the Next, August 2016 deadline

Most Recent Audiobook:
Dragon in Exile

Coming Up in Print:
Dragon in Exile mass market, June 2016
Alliance of Equals, hardcover, ebook, audio, July 2016, the 19th novel in the Liaden Universe®

* * *
Rules of the Blog (may be updated from time to time, as Necessity dictates)

1. Please sign your posts. Anonymous posts (even nice ones!) will be deleted.

2. Snippets from the current work (if any) come at the whim of Management -- that's me -- and only at the whim of Management.

3. Please be polite, even when you disagree with everything that guy over there just said.

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