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In which the Aiji-Dowager arrives

So, the Win7 machine is up and running.  I still haven't solved the HDMI conundrum; but I have all of my files, and, after a little bit of noodling 'round the web, all of my programs, including my Firefox bookmarks.  Ten years' of old wires have been (by Steve's good offices) cleaned out from beneath my desk and the old Oki printer has been cleared off the top of my desk, thereby opening Vistas Untold.

So, yanno; It's All Good.

Advertent readers will have noticed that the new computer's name is Illisidi; in part due to the fact that she is smaller, lighter, and much more powerful than Jack the Giant Killer.  And if you have No Clue who Illisidi, the Aiji-Dowager is, start here and go through to here.  You can thank me later.

Next up, is the re-ordering of my office, which had to be Completely Torn Apart in order to swap out the computers, and do all the rest of the things that needed doing.  After that, it's date night, and a fitting end of a week that was, um, more vigorous than predicted.

Hope everybody is having a lovely Saturday.

? Illisidi ?! Oh, my, that must be one seriously powerful little computer. (And that is my second favourite of all time series.)

Hmn. Might I inquire as to your favorite series?

I agree with you on the computer!

Favourite is, of course, the Liaden Universe(r). But Cherryh's Foreigner series is definitely my second favourite. For many of the same reasons, though the two styles are very different.

Let us just hope that Illsidi-PC will not be as cantankerous as her namesake. ;)

Don't be silly, our favorite series is the world of Liad or maybe we should say Korval now that Liad is in the past.

Glad everything computerwise is up and running again.
I see also that you are a Cherryh fan. Illisidi, the Aiji-Dowager one of my favorite characters anywhere.

Baji-naji, some will know who Illisidi is and some will not. Until it's too late.


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