Sharon Lee (rolanni) wrote,
Sharon Lee

Silly Season Redux: Locus Poll

The Locus Poll to decide the best works of 2013 has opened.  There are a couple of things you need to know about the Locus Poll:

1.  You do not have to subscribe to the paper edition of Locus to participate in the poll.

2.  You do have to fill in your name, age, gender, and provide a (working) email address.  Please be honest, particularly with regard to gender.

3.  Subscriber votes count DOUBLE; that means that the cards are already stacked against any book that has not "made" the list of works that Locus has already decided are the best of 2013, and which are already provided in the poll.

4.  You do not have to vote for the works Locus has already decided are the best of 2013, unless, of course, you agree.  A lot of fine work was done in 2013, and Locus doesn't read everything.  If you have an opinion which is at odds with Locus, you may fill in your nominations for best works in the blanks that are helpfully provided.

5.  Lee and Miller published several works in 2013.  They are:

Novels:  Necessity's Child, Trade Secret
Novelettes:  Eleutherios, Moon's Honor
Short Story:  Out of True
Collection:  A Liaden Universe® Constellation Volume One

6.  Here's your link

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