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We have an entire books about Auks!*

So, in the month of August, I wrote two short stories.  Here are the opening lines of each:

The Gift of Music:
The ballroom and the concert halls paid best, but they wanted the Big Bands, and the big acts up from New York and Atlantic City.

The Wolf's Bride:
The dogs of the village knew him; and he passed without challenge from forest edge to market street, walking with a predator's sure, silent tread down the moss-lined way.


Yesterday, was an Official Day Off, in respect of my hands, which I had managed to offend.  I read Lord of Light for the first time in many years, and remain constant in my opinion that Creatures of Light and Darkness is, just barely, the superior novel.  Others may, of course, disagree.

Today, there is yoga, and grocery shopping, and various small chores, then the opening of the proposal file and the beginning of staring into the middle distance, contemplating Things Liaden.  I will probably also sign sheets of paper -- but not too many sheets of paper, hands; I promise.

So!  What're you doing today that's fun and interesting?


*Ref here (possibly not safe for work, not for content, but for loudness of laughter)

I will:
Continue to recover from my first case of con crud, or maybe just a violent allergic reaction to TX.

Read books I have downloaded.

Be grateful that I do not return to work until tomorrow.

Going to the ER. All kinds of fun.

Re: what are you doing


2013-09-03 09:09 pm (UTC)

Nope; that doesn't sound like fun at all. Hope everything's OK!


Thank you. It will be.


So! What're you doing today that's fun and interesting?

its Tuesday, I am going out to look at new books, and of course, bring some of them home..

Making a reasonable replica of a WW1 Women's Land Army uniform. "Reasonable" as in "looks fairly close from ten feet away". The research has been interesting, as pictures seemed to be inconsistent, but then I found a .pdf of a 1918 magazine that had adverts for 4 or 5 different variations on the uniform! I'm adapting 1900's patterns to look right (and fit: I'm...more built...than any pattern I could lay hands on) and am not using any zippers.

Reading the chapter where Maelyn tay'Nordif meets the man who murdered Garen yos'Phelium.

Also, tonight's a Toastmasters night, so that'll probably be fun and interesting, too.

(Taking the car to get a window replaced, for the second time in a month, was neither fun nor interesting. Cleaning up the last of the glass wasn't fun either, though I did find 45 cents and a mysterious power cable under the driver's seat while I was down under there.)

For some reason never really liked that book. Mainly by the end I really didn't give a damm about Sam. [Which is not ever something I've said about your books.] IMHO if you don't care what happens to the hero, you don't care abou the book.

After huge amount of consultation with my associates I have decided to buy a Kindle Paperwhite. the Kindle Fire was a candidate for a while but as an e-reader, which is all I need, it was judged too heavy.

Getting ready to read all those Lee and Miller short stories on my Paperwhite.