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In which all positions are now full

The number of supervisors at the Cat Farm has varied over the years since its establishment in Maine.  We've had as many as six, and as few as two.  Recently, we've made do with three active supervisors, with the fourth slot held open.

Today -- well, actually, yesterday, we filled the fourth slot and are now at Full Capacity.

Pray for us.

Some of you may know that the various animal shelters in Central Maine have been experiencing a surfeit of cats.  They've valiantly been trying to find homes for everyone, and have been offering a number of "deals."

For instance, right now, at the Waterville Humane Society, there's a special on kittens:  Adopt one kitten for $100 and you may have your choice of a second kitten for free.

The shelter has also been waiving the adoption fee for all cats over one year of age.  You must be a member of the shelter for the waiver to be in force, but considering it costs all of $15 to become a member, the price couldn't be better.

We here at Cat Farm have long supported animal shelters.  Despite a late-developing taste for Maine Coons, most of our cats over the years have been shelter cats.

So, anyway, yesterday as we were out and about, we thought we'd stop by the shelter out on Webb Road to see if anybody Needed Us.

Our last few visits to the animal shelter hadn't turned up anybody in need.  Which was fine; the fourth position stayed open.

Yesterday, however, we had an embarrassment of riches:  No less than five worthy felines put themselves forward.  We spoke to Whiskers, a grey-and-cream gentleman with an easy-going way about him; Gorilla, who very much wanted to sit on my lap and purr; LuluAnne (or possibly LuluBelle), a high-white with grey long-hair lady who was a little shy at first, but once she'd been coaxed out from behind her pillow was very vivacious and affectionate; Telly, a silky-furred black with astonishing amber eyes, who wanted to be mine, all mine!; and Icarus, an older orange gentleman, who displayed the graceful manners of a bygone age.

We also spoke in passing to Brinks, a lively orange-striped fellow; Baby, a perfectly charming calico; and Ziggy, who ran up to greet us, and who would have qualified as Candidate Number Six, save he has a partner from whom he will not be parted, and we only had one slot available.

It was tough call.  In the end, we decided to offer the position to Whiskers (this is, you understand, his surname by which he was known to Shelter Admin; we expect to discover his call-name by-and-by).  He accepted, and we brought him home today.

Here's Whiskers, in Steve's office window:


The reaction of the three Senior Supervisors has not been Unqualified Delight, but we expect them to come 'round in a few days.

Scrabble could scarcely believe her eyes.Scrabble could scarcely believe her eyes.

Trooper was not impressed.Trooper was not impressed.

Mozart continued his nap.Mozart continued his nap.

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