Sharon Lee (rolanni) wrote,
Sharon Lee

Five things make a post

1.  Carousel Sun, the sequel to Carousel Tides, is now available for pre-order from the bookstore of your choice (NOTE:  This refers to the trade paper edition, only -- which is to say:  you may not pre-order the ebook).

2.  Madame the Editor has stated that there will be an eArc edition of Sun. No, I don't know when, but figure four to six months out from the publication date in early February.

3.  I am behind in mentioning that Heart of Briar, the first book in Laura Anne Gilman's Portals duology, is now on the shelves of bookstores everywhere!  I read portions of this novel as it was being written and enjoyed the heck out of it.  I think you will, too, but judge for yourself!  There's an excerpt here.  Laura Anne will also be doing signings and readings -- and she Might Just Be! in your area.  Here's the full list of where-and-when.

4.  The new memorial bridge spanning the Piscataqua River to connect Kittery, Maine with Portsmouth, New Hampshire is now open -- and here are the pictures to prove it!

5.  I've been there and over there, too, but not so much here, lately.  I intend to do an overview post to catch y'all up -- but not this afternoon. This afternoon, I am calling the hospital billing office, coping with the Gigormous Pile of Dirty Dishes which has taken over the kitchen sink, and seeing if I can get a short story out of Andy LaPierre.  No.  No, the glamor never does diminish around these parts.


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