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Tea and dragon

An entry of parts

This will be a blog entry of parts.

Part the First: Shameless Self-Promotion

1.  Back in May/June, when Steve and I attended Book Expo America, one of the fun things we did was spend some time with Jim Freund, long-time host of Hour of the Wolf, on WBAI, doing an interview.   That interview aired early (early, early) this morning.  It is now archived, and you may download and listen to it at your leisure.  Here's the link to the archive page.  Right now, our interview is the first two entries at the top.  I should also mention during the interview Steve and I read an excerpt from Trade Secrets.  Now!  There is a time limit on archive access; after 13 days our interview will roll off the bottom and Be Lost Forever.

2.  In an embarrassment of riches, Baen will be airing a podcast interview of Steve and me, tomorrow.  It should be up by noon, Eastern.  And here's the link to the Baen podcast page (do note the Very Wide Top Margin on the page, just scroll down until you hit the podcast information).

Part the Second:  Thank you!

3.  Thank you to those very kind and generous people who have supported me in the Clarion West Write-a-Thon.  So far, we’ve raised $297 toward the organization’s operating costs.  Donations to Clarion West are tax deductible.  More information about the Write-a-Thon and Clarion West here, and here.  My personal participating author page is here.

Part the Third: To Think that I Saw it on Mulberry Street

4.  I went in to town today, which was Just Insane, but. . .Necessity.  While I was in the very sad enterprise that used to be J. C. Penney -- one of two customers in the store -- I had the opportunity to watch an example of Master Class Shopping.  My fellow customer had, so she told the store at large, decided to embark upon a trip, immediately, and she needed clothes.  In short order -- by which I mean, in under five minutes -- she had put together three coordinating outfits off of the racks, threw them on the counter, paid for them, requested that everything be left on the hangers, and was gone, leaving me in sole possession of the store.

Part the Fourth:  The Weather Outside is Frightful

5.  What it says

Part the Fourth:  Lazy Writer is Lazy

6.  If anybody needs me, I'll be on the couch, reading a book.


I miss the old J.C. Penny's. Wards too. I could always find exactly what I wanted without having to, heaven forbid, shop for something. The only store I like to hang around in is a book store, preferably one with new and used books. Ahhh.
Looking forward to both podcasts, and especially hearing a bit of Trade Secrets. You have been so busy writing I don't know how you kept all the pieces of all the stories in place. Good thing you have Steve and the cats to help.
The west coast, at least the part that is just north of San Francisco, has been lovely this last week or so. Cool in the evenings with the fog, warm (mid 70's) during the day.
Hope it cools off for you soon. May you relax and enjoy your well earned break!

I had already pre-ordered even before hearing this, now I'm getting even more impatient. Is it November yet?

Southern Ontario continues its imitation of a steamroom.

Just like New England!

Poor J. C. Penney .....*is sad*

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Author reads book and relaxes. Film at 11. :D Enjoy your book reading is the perfect thing to relax with when the weather outside is frightful.


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