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Raised underfoot

I see that I'm going to have to be Veeeerrrrrryyyyy Careful getting out of my chair...

Trooper at workTrooper at work

Yes, that is Trooper with his head against my chair roller.  Earlier today, I looked down and he was in essentially the same position, but his front leg was under the roller bar.  If I'd Just Gotten Up (as I often Just Do), I'd've broken his leg.

In other news, progress has been made on the list I published this morning, to wit:

1.  A podcast interview (with Steve), rescheduled from yesterday RESCHEDULED TO TOMORROW
2.  Cleaning up All The Stuff Trooper threw down from those High Places that he has made his own, and deciding where in ghod’s name to put it
3.  Doing the laundry STARTED
4. Waiting for the electrician to manifest, sometime after noon
5. Paying the bills and balancing the checkbook
6.  I’m also considering vacuuming the house — but that might make for too heady a celebration I OPT OUT -- and opt in for a nap, instead.  Holy freaking cow, it's hot...

Tags: coon cat logic, the writer goofing off
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