Sharon Lee (rolanni) wrote,
Sharon Lee

Five things make a post

1.  I want to thank those who have supported my efforts in the Clarion West Write-a-Thon.  Together, so far, we've raised $87 toward toward the organization's operating costs..  I should say here that donations to Clarion West are tax deductible.  More information about the Write-a-Thon and Clarion West here, and here.  My personal participating author page is here.

2.  Those of you in or near Atlanta, Georgia may want to mark your calendars for Friday, August 2 from 8-10 p.m.  My buddy Ed DeGruy and his photography partner Aubrey Bell, will be having their first solo show at the Doo Gallery (part of the DooGood Society).  The address is 205 Holtzclaw st. Unit J, Atlanta, Georgia. There will be refreshments, and art, and interesting people present.  More information here.

3. I have here on my floor (because Trooper has made the top of both file cabinets his own by the simple expedient of pushing all the Stuff onto the floor) an old black-and-white Nook ebook reader.  I have no more use for it; frankly, it may not even work.  Anybody either (1) want it  or (2) know if there's anything like the used cellphone programs for ereaders?   The Nook has found a home!

4.  Not for the faint of heart:  Photographs of Lac-Megantic, before the explosion -- and after.

5.  Mozart declined to have his picture taken this morning, so here's a picture of Trooper on the cat tree:

Trooper on the cat tree

Trooper on the cat tree

Tags: coon cat logic, five things make a post
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