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Today in Cat News

Emotions are settling down here at the Cat Farm.  Mozart and Trooper both managed to sleep on the bed last night, albeit on opposite sides.  Mozart has given over cursing, which is, I think, a Great Relief to us all.  Which brings us to this morning's situation.

Trooper came to work:

Trooper on the job

Trooper on the job

. . .and Mozart came in to check out his various places under the desk, and the rocker.  He observed Trooper in position, and deliberately sat down -- with his back turned, of course.  He cleaned a shoulder, to show the depth of his unconcern, and then casually strolled down the hall, with nary a curse-word to singe the air.

Mozart in SAME ROOM July 3 2013Mozart ignoring the situation

Progress, we haz it.

And now I'm for the living room office and the Rest of the Manuscript.

Thank you chronicling progress with pictures!! Really enjoy peeking into a corner of your work day with cats...

You're welcome; glad you're enjoying!

My god, Trooper's expression! That needs to be on a book cover. Something in the space-opera line, one thinks. With wry and sarcastic narrator. And Farscape-style adventure.

"Oh, Bast, it's another fool with a camera." He's really patient, but he doesn't really want to have his picture taken.

Very good progress indeed! It took my Cleo a week and a half to so far tolerate the new annoying tiny furball(currently known as Jewel and all growed up, now)

I think kittens are especially challenging for adult cats because they're a moving target. Just when you've accommodated yourself to That Annoying Thing, they've grown out of it and adopted a Whole New Annoying Thing. Also, they keep forgetting really important stuff at crucial moments -- like gravity.

Heh. She wasn't really *that* adult compared to Jewel --- only about two and a half, is all -- but perhaps she found Jewel's teenyness disconcerting. Poor thing had been orphaned-by-unknown-causes(probably a fisher) and was *barely* able to eat solids ....

Trooper's job description


2013-07-04 05:46 am (UTC)

I seem to remember that the companion cat job required an individual who would distract and/or annoy current residents out of their grief. Seems like Trooper's doing a bang up job.

He's probably a little more alpha cat than either Hex or Socks were, hence Mozart's pique.

Re: Trooper's job description


2013-07-04 02:20 pm (UTC)

One of the points in Trooper's favor was that, in his original household, he wasn't an alpha cat. His brother, Nate, was top cat, as I saw it.

When Trooper was retired, the folks at the cattery originally thought they'd keep him, because he's a big, furry bundle of love, and so beautiful, and...but the momcats beat up on him, and then he'd go hide, which wasn't good for anybody, so it was decided to put him up for adoption.

He certainly doesn't have the. . .insouciance that was Hex's defining characteristic, and he's not as diffident as Socks had been. He's very respectful of the elders in the house, and intensely thoughtful. He is, however much bigger -- by which I mean taller and longer -- than Mozart, or Hex, or Socks (everybody being much bigger than Scrabble, poor cat) -- which I imagine might have concerned Mozart, who is, after all, fifteen.

However! The cursing phase seems to be over, and Mozart allowed Trooper to sniff his ear last night, so we're continuing in a forwarder direction. I do have to keep reminding myself that Trooper's only been here since Saturday, so this really is very speedy progress.

Thanks for all the Trooper news. I guess you just can't please everyone. Especially those Momcats. In a totally new situation in my experience one just never knows. I'm glad to know that Trooper is truly a giant of the cat world. That has got to be worth something. Seems like Scrabble is just flabbergasted. She didn't know a cat could be that big before. there's always something new under the sun. Or on the desk or wherever.


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