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Exit Stage Left

In which the penultimate draft is printed out

Yesterday, I took the day off.  Today, I'm kinda sorta doing some stuff, but I'm not being nearly as energetic as Steve, who helped me go through a mountain of blankets and sheets and curtains from the closet shelf and decide which we're keeping, which goes to Goodwill and which to the dump.  He also did the dishes and cooked lunch.

So, what I'm saying here is I'm being a slacker.

I did merge and print out Carousel Seas, so it's ready to go when I am.  And, I cleaned off my desk.  No, really, I did -- see?

Clean desk!Clean desk!

I also have to write a course description for MWPA for a workshop Steve and I are teaching in August, but that will not, I fear, happen today.  Perhaps tomorrow.

Hope everyone is having a lovely summer weekend.

Don't know if it's true up your way but down here many animal shelters are glad to get old blankets, towels, and the like to use as bedding or padding for their critters. Worn - even too worn for Goodwill - is fine, but clean is needful.

We regularly donate old towels and suchlike to the local animal shelter. But the old blanket that went to the dump was one of those old (really old; that blanket may have been part of my marriage portion) cotton "thermal" blankets. . .which was coming unraveled, string by string. It just looked too tempting, and I'd really never forgive myself if somebody at the shelter started chewing on the strings as a way to pass the time and made themselves sick.

Congratulations on both the draft and your tidy space.


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