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Eye Candy! Carousel Sun cover art

We have, through the kind offices of Tony Daniel and Danielle Turner at Baen, the following Sneak Peak of the cover art for Carousel Sun by Sharon Lee, which is tentatively slated for publication in early 2014.

I like it.

Carousel Sun cover art by Eric WilliamsCarousel Sun cover art by Eric Williams

For those coming in late, Carousel Sun is the sequel to Carousel Tides -- available even now at a bookstore near you; in all ebook formats known to man from Baen, from the Kindle Store, and the Apple ebook store.  It is also available as an audiobook from Audible.  I'm writing the last book in the trilogy -- Carousel Seas -- as we speak.

I have to re-read Carousel Tides -- cause I'm kinda stumped with the very large rooster in the background. :)

Not that re-reading is a hardship -- but I was leaning more to Liaden lately. :D

No need to re-read for the rooster. Though you'll want to re-read before Sun comes out...

I was able to burn through the re-read that afternoon. :) I love that I could download the book at work. :)

After the re-read I had a fear that the artist had totally misinterpreted Mr Ignat's bird. :D

I love the rooster. :)

(Actually, I love the whole image. I didn't even realize it was a rooster until I expanded it. I just saw lovely colors, and loved the people, and then was like, "Giant rooster!" :))

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The Giant Rooster is perfect in, oh, so many ways.

(Actually, I love the whole image. I didn't even realize it was a rooster until I expanded it. I just saw lovely colors, and loved the people,

Eric did a really nice job on this.

*is very pleased*

Lovely -- and the giant rooster is...intriguing. Waiting patiently.

I'm guessing the giant rooster is another one of the .... inmates from the carousel ....

Yes nice rooster. Saw the nice little horned horse type guy in your comment. I know I'll like the rooster too. Regards to Mozart without whom you might not have as much time to read.

It's lovely! Thank you for the candy.

In other news: in an effort to reclaim shelf space so that the booksinboxes can move out of said boxes, I am letting go of my Liaden chapbooks 1-10, as all of those stories were reprinted in the two Companion volumes. Do you have any interest in receiving them back, or do you know anyone who's been wanting copies? I'm unsure that my library will accept chapbooks. Thanks! (And I hope the yoga lesson went/goes well. Yoga brings many benefits, which I would better realize if I actually practiced more often, ahem.)

Woo! I reread Carousel Tides just last week, and I'm really excited for Carousel Sun! Lovely cover, though like everyone else, I am curious about the giant rooster. :D