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And she'd throw him bouquets on the stage

A slow day of catchup of things that were let slide because of catmergencies.  The laundry's done.  Go, me.  I spent a little bit of time with Carousel Seas and managed to get some words down.  Socks has been intermittently about.  He's still exhausted, poor guy.  Scrabble spent much of the day on the rocker, while Mozart helped me and Ox hold down the couch.

I am inordinately pleased to discover at this late date that Bruce Springsteen covered "The Man on the Flying Trapeze," one of my grandmother's favorite songs, and one which she sang with, err, GUSTO when we went to Sing-A-Longs in the Park.  (Are there still Sing-a-Longs in the Park?)  I was my grandmother's chosen companion on these trips -- possibly because I couldn't sing a note, or because she believed that children should be exposed to the classics.  As a result, I know the words to a Very Odd mix of songs.

In the excitement of the Socks' Homecoming Gala, I forgot to mention yesterday that...I bought more knives.  Cheesy Dollar Store knives, but they'll spread the mustard.

Progress on Carousel Seas:

16,353/100,000 OR 16.35% complete

He shook his head. "Wasn't a drop of harm in that girl, an' her father could never say the same."

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