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In which the author is well-attended

Work is going forth today, with enthusiastic assists from the felines of the company.

Here we see Socks going over the rough of the next scene to be typed in/written:

Socks editing March 23 2013

While Mozart does the heavy idea-lifting from below-desk

Mozart below decks March 23 2013

And Scrabble sends inspiration from my Mozart's her rocker
Scrabble in the rocker March 23 2013

Do you trim their claws before you juggle the cats?

Where would be the fun in that?

Is Mozart a "sleeps on your feet" kind of cat? I have one of those. If I'm lucky, I can get one sleeping on/under my feet, one sleeping between my knees and one sleeping on my chest just under my chin (the smallest, lightest one, luckily). If I'm really lucky, I can get my mojo working, too.

I have a cat who does that, too! Well, she sleeps on my knees, actually ....

Actually, no; Mozart is a lap-sitter, if I'm on the couch; he sleeps tucked up under my chin, if he can get it, or if I object to having my mouth filled with fur, tucked into my stomach (side-sleeper, here).

The business with sleeping under the table is (1) He's feeling a little oppressed by Scrabble, lately, and (2) I think he may be feeling cool in his summer shorts with all this damp, grey weather we've been having. There is a UPS under the desk, and where he's sleeping in this picture is on the floor in this teensy-tiny little triangular wedge of rug between my footstool, the Big Crate of Archers Beach, and with his back against the UPS.

Sometimes, he'll sleep on top of the UPS, which is quite a trick, considering the relative sizes involved...

The thermodynamics of cats is a poorly understood branch of physics. Heat flow in any system involving a cat seems to be limited to flow into the cat with no observable outflow and no observable limits.

No, a cat under the covers next to you can be a nice radiator.

Socks looks to me like he has found a number of errors you need to fix, immediately.

I wish my cats would offer their assistance in such a helpful manner. Princess Jasmine and Miss Kitzie have been having a competition to see who gets to help me type. As a result, typing anything coherent has been difficult lately. Luckily they've been called away by other cat business for a little while.