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Hook a friend on Liad

Back in February 1988, Del Rey Books published as a paperback original a space opera that asked the musical question, Can a rich boy with a severe personality disorder, and a brother who is a giant sentient turtle, find true love and lasting happiness with a tough-talking retired mercenary soldier on the run from the Mob?  The title of this odd little novel was Agent of Change, from first-time novelists Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.

This! is the novel that set up the Liaden Universe®, now sixteen books strong.  And now?  You can download it for free from these sources, DRM-free:

The Baen Free Library (in all ebook formats known to man)

Amazon (kindle)

Please share this news with all your friends, and especially with your friends who need the Liaden Universe® in their lives.

In other news, it snowed last night.

Cat Farm in the snow

Cat Farm in the snow
Photo by Steve Miller

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