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I believe it may be Tuesday

I managed, for the first time since last Monday, to get out of the house for my morning writing shift.  Today, I sampled the Waterville Library, which may be up for some award for the Noisiest Library in the State of Maine.  Initially, I went upstairs to the Maine History Room, where I had been as alone as a writer could wish to be on a previous occasion.  Today, the History Room was empty, but there was an Intervention of some sort going on in the room directly across the hall, and both of the women involved sport Hearty Farm Girl lungs.

I really didn't want to hear the personal business of the woman being counseled, so I went down one flight, to Non-fiction, and set up on a table by an air shaft/skylight.  This seemed ideal, except that the air shaft went right down into the librarians' office, and they were having a gossipfest.

I finally wound up writing on one of the low pillowed window seats between Maps and Non-fiction.

The bitter irony here is that I knew I didn't want to go to Winslow today, because they have a morning story hour, and Winslow is one, big, open concept library.  Waterville, I reasoned, would be quieter, because it's split up among four floors.


Note to self:  put earplugs into work bag.

Despite it all, I did get some work done -- 2,174 by the time the dust settled during evening revisions.

My plan had been to hit a library again early tomorrow, but on the way home (cue sinister music) the muffler went kaplooie (or, more accurately, it went brumrumRUMrumrum).  I arrived home and asked Steve if he would follow me back into town, to the garage.  He said he would, but he had some things to take care of first, so while he was taking care of things, I decided to upgrade the LibreOffice on my desktop.

This is a relatively simple operation, but it became fraught, because of Chrome misnaming a file with a .torrent at the end, which, as you may imagine threw Windows into a screaming tizzy.  It wouldn't let me install the file, the LibreOffice site does not make it easy to find 3.6.5 now that 4.0 has been released, and it was all just Much Harder than it needed to be.

Then someone was wrong on the internet.  Sigh.

So, Steve and I ate lunch, and motored out to the garage, dropped Binjali off, hit Staples for a laptop mouse to replace mine that had died months ago, but I just remembered it today at the library, and then picked up a couple of vanilla milkshakes, because it had suddenly become That Kind of Day.

We returned home to questions from the accountant in re our tax information; someone was still wrong on the internet; and I finally got my editing done.  I have notes for the next scene, so that's ready for expansion tomorrow, which I will do, if I have to sit on the damn porch in the rain.

. . .Public Service Announcements Below

I'm not if this will work, but David Mattingly posted a video of Times Square on Saturday night.  Here's the link which may or may not work
* * *

Also, Waterville and nearby Maine folk take note!  There will be a Steampunk Tea, sponsored by the Waterville Public Library and Cirque du Geek cordially invite you to attend a Steampunk Tea Party at Selah Tea Cafe on Maine Street in Waterville. The festivities will include a costume contest, Steampunk games, and more!

Join us for tea, cookies, and some Steampunk fun! Attending in costume is encouraged, but not required.

Another link that may or may not work, to Cirque du Geek's facebook page

And here's Selah Tea's webpage

* * *
Last but not least, please give if you can:  Bangor Women's Shelter Matching Fund

Progress on Carousel Seas:  4,003/100,000  OR 4% completed

By ways unseen, she came to the sea.

You might want to check and see if your various libraries have Quiet Study Rooms available; mine does, and although they can only be Reserved for Literacy Tutors, if they aren't Reserved, they're open to anyone who wants them, on request.

It seems that libraries aren't what they used to be. I thought that if you raised your voice anywhere in a library a very strict librarian would immediately appear to shush you. Apparently not so any more. Shocking. You are welcome to come out here to Kanab UT to our small but very quiet library any time. There's a nice table in the back to work and if necessary a closed off conference room. The folks using the computers are as quiet as mice.

So the party is on the 23rd?


2013-03-14 12:45 am (UTC)

Saturday, March 23?

Sigh. I have to admit, I believe I am booked here in Japan. And my portal seems to be on the blink. So I shall have to decline, reluctantly.

Sincerely. With a pinch of wry :-)

Sorry to hear about the car. Would music be something that you could listen to while you work?

I work in a cubicle farm which frequently means there's a good deal of available eavesdropping. To keep myself from doing so and getting distracted from work I keep in my ear bud, and either play music or listen to podcasts. I'd find the podcasts distracting for creative work like writing, but music, especially instrumental pieces work well for me.

Just on the theory that much as we might like it we're not likely to get quieter libraries.


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