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Snow goddess

In which the writer is lazy

I was at the Winslow Library this morning slightly before 10 a.m.; a little later than I'd wanted -- OK, a lot later than I'd wanted.  I'd chosen Winslow, out of the two libraries available to me locally (which is to say, there are other libraries in nearby towns, but they have less-than-full-time hours, and are further away), Winslow opens at 9 a.m. on Monday (Waterville opens at 10 a.m. M-F, which foolish consistency I very much appreciate), and I knew I had a Full Plate of errands, so I wouldn't be able to work but what a couple hours, so I thought I'd get an early start.

*cue laugh track*

I settled in to a table, opened my summary file and began to type, and lo!  I have a bunch of notes, and two
opening scenes (I'm going to have to break viewpoint at least once in this book.  The great weakness of first person narratives being that the narrator can't know everything, because, if she does, there's no tension, but the reader has to suspect that there is more going on with the other characters, behind the narrator's back.  It's a tricky balance, and it's why I take issue with those who maintain that "I" books are across the board "immature
works".  "I" books are dicey; I'd rather head-hop any time.)

So, anyhow, back on topic -- it was a good work session, if only a little longer than an hour -- and I have a place to actually start writing on what looks to be, at this point in the day, tomorrow.

So. . .yay! progress!

I then betook myself, in the snow, to the bank, and the post office, and to Penney's, where I found that, it's true, after years of being my place to go for tall jeans that don't cost the earth, towels, sheets, and various else, Penney's has made itself irrelevant to me.  I had suspected as much from the website, which is...sparse in terms of items of interest to me -- and the store is even more frightening -- there's so much space on the floor, you could hold a roller derby in the place; the amount and kind of stock has shrunk that much.  Apparently Penney's doesn't want your business if you're older than 12 or wear greater than a size 6.

Note to self:  Find new source for cheap jeans.

Continuing with the errands, I was back home by 2:30, bearing groceries and a Subway sub, aka dinner.  After grocery stowage and dinner, I took a four hour nap, which was obviously much needed, but not exactly convenient.

I have some few chores to do around here, and then I do believe I'll read for a bit and go early to bed, *sigh*.  Tomorrow, I'm planning on doing the early day work shift at Waterville, after which I hope to come home
and be Rather More Productive than I was today.

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Congratulations on successfully doing productive writing tasks during the day! May it go as well for you tomorrow. I hear that it takes 6 weeks to truly modify a habit?

Glad you have hired the big expensive consultant: Socks.
Also I hate it when a business changes its business plan if the old one was a good one. Such as the Discovery Channel used to be good now it's just idiotic. Shows like "Fast N Loud" I think that refers to a car. Don't go to Target for clothes either no one weighing more than 90 lbs need look for clothes there.

JCP is just about to upscale itself right out of business.

I hate it when every clothing store tries to be a "5-7-9", or shoos you over to the Lane Bryant (I've occasionally scored a bit of clothing there, but they tend to assume that everyone is short and wide; I'm tall and wide). I've almost resigned myself to the fact that at 6' 1", fat or thin, I'm not ANYONE'S target demographic. It does make clothes shopping a bit depressing. I occasionally fantasize about a store full of clothes that I like, all available in my size.

I used to like Penney's too, and I'm sad to hear that it no longer cares about its "outlier" customers.

Much as I hate to admit this...the last time I was shopping for everyday jeans at a reasonable price, I ended up at Kmart.

The store I was at had short and wide, tall and wide, tall and thin...their own brand and Riders and a couple of others, too.

The store was rather tired, but well stocked. Sort of the opposite of Penney's. I wasn't sure about shopping somewhere with "mart" in it's name, but they had what I wanted and no one else did.

I don't mind Kmart -- in this instance, particularly; I mean, c'mon, we're talking about what used to be called dungarees. The last time I looked at our Kmart, they didn't have tall enough, I think. Will have to check again; maybe they've seen profit in taking up Penney's slack...

When I was a young secretary, living in Baltimore, the Lane Bryant Tall Shop was a wonderful place. I bought all my professional clothes there (at the time, I was a size 12/14. This was before size 14 became "plus-sized." I cried when they decided to retire the tall shop and go with plus-sized only, as a bigger market share.