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Five things and a photo make a post

Oh, let's see...

1.  Steve got jealous of all of Socks' Lightning Visits to the vet, so there was nothing for it but that he should have a Lightning Visit to the doctor today.  Where it was discovered that he has arrived home from Boskone with acute bronchitis.  Medications have been prescribed.  Rest has been prescribed.  Below, a picture of Steve resting, at Socks' insistence.

Resting. Steve and Socks. Photo by Sharon Lee      Resting. Steve and Socks.  Photo by Sharon Lee

2. I have an appointment with the vampires tomorrow morning.  After which I suspect I will be stopping at the grocery store because...

3. Winter storm warning for Waterville and environs, starting Wednesday. Weatherbeans at the moment calling for another 8-12 inches.  Man, I'm going to have upper arms to die for.

4.  I am not yet half-way through the galleys of Liaden Universe® Constellation Volume One.

5.  I provide a link to an article interesting not so much for the description of a kerfuffle in an online forum, but for the discussion of "nice," and how the concept of same is used as a bullying tactic, a topic of some interest to me.  Since, as advertised elsewhere and often, I am so not nice...

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