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Wednesday morning cat spam

Scrabble on the stairs Jan 22 2012
Scrabble on the basement stairs

One step down from the top, right at optimum ankle ambushing height?

She is so beautiful, one of the prettiest kitties I've seen ever.

I just finished reading Toby Streams the Universe by Maya Lassiter. There was lots of action along the way but the end was one of those where, while it was somewhat surprising, it's seed was totally contained in the story. One of those where it made so much sense but one didn't really hook it up beforehand.

Your stories are like that. I've often wondered if you start out knowing you will come to Z from A or if you start out with A&B and the story process takes you to Y&Z.

Sometime, if you wish to and have the time and the inclination, might you speak to that? This is asked most respectfully and with absolutely no intent to presume upon you and your goodwill. If the spirit so moves you, great. If not, I remain firmly entrenched in ardent fandom.

Best regards to all, especially Socks. Hope he's doing ok.

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Wins most beautiful tortie award


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