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Even more with the shameless self-promotion

Necessity's Child

This just in from alert Friend of Liad Judy Lauer, in New York State.  A photo from her local Barnes and Noble store:





Liaden endcap

Lotsa good reading in the endcap 
Barnes and Noble, Vestal NY
Photo by Judy Lauer

* * *

And, while I'm making with the self-promotion, remember!

1.  "Eleutherios" a Liaden Universe® short story by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller is, through February 14
only!, presented to you for free on the Baen website.  No fee, no log-in, no waiting.  Here's that link.  You need to scroll down to the start of the story.

2.  SFSite has opened the voting for the Best Read of 2012.  A lot of very good books came out in 2012 (including Dragon Ship, by Lee and Miller), and you can vote for ten of your favorites.  The rules can be found here.

3.  It's not too late to pre-order a signed copy of Necessity's Child (in hardcover) from everyone's favorite Uncle, Hugo.  Also available from this link are signed copies of the hardcover editions of Ghost Ship and Dragon Ship.  Uncle Hugo's ships worldwide.

4.  Necessity's Child hardcover will be released on February 5, and will be available from All The Usual Suspects, including (as above) Barnes and Noble.

5.  Necessity's Child ebook is on sale NOW from Baen eBooks (all formats) and from Amazon (Kindle only).


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Jan. 23rd, 2013 12:27 am (UTC)
Wow! Looks great! May the sales be many and ongoing.
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