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Mozart Easter 2009

The Coon Cat Wednesday Lunch Club

Socks needs to be fed up, so we feed him gooshie food several times a day, in addition to the crunchies that are always available.  Mozart does not need to be fed up.  His position is, I believe, that Rank Hath Privilege, and that he also ought to be fed gooshie food several times a day, or the kid'll get uppity.  Management having
rejected this position on grounds of maintaining good coon cat general health, Mo contents himself with Observing. . .and occasionally pushing his head under the kid's head and sampling a bite for himself.

The Coon Cat Lunch Club
The Coon Cat Lunch Club

Socks shows proper respect
Socks shows proper respect

What beautiful kitties they are!

So well-behaved of them to share so nicely!

Compliments to the photographer for capturing such excellent pix. Thank you for sharing them.

Yes. Mo is very well behaved indeed. Socks may want to lobby for a private and all by himself feeding place. Surprised Scrabble doesn't get in on the act also.

With 5 new novels coming up. Lots of work for Coon Cats in the field of inspiration. They need to keep up their strength.


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