Sharon Lee (rolanni) wrote,
Sharon Lee

The coon cats at home, late December

I have been remiss in sharing Mozart's love of The Spa, which opens directly after one of us takes a shower, and the various scents of soap and shampoo ride the steam.  He'll shoulder open the door the hallway
and jump up on the hamper nearest the shower, sniff, sigh, and curl up, purring.  He's in The Spa at the moment, savoring the fragrant aftermath of my orange-creme goatmilk soap shower.  I can hear him purring from the hallway.

In other news, and leaving aside Christmas Eve's adventure as a completely unrelated incident to his general health, Socks is, since having acupuncture, much improved.  There's been only a very small amount of sneezing, the chronic sinus difficulties have vanished, and he can breathe easily.  More than that -- he can purr, which he hasn't been able to do without setting off a explosive bout of sneezing.  He also has much more energy -- who knew that he could bounce?  We're just really delighted and hope very much (everybody knock wood) that this improvement is permanent

I hope everyone is having a lovely last weekend of 2012.

Tags: coon cat logic
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