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The coon cats at home, late December

I have been remiss in sharing Mozart's love of The Spa, which opens directly after one of us takes a shower, and the various scents of soap and shampoo ride the steam.  He'll shoulder open the door the hallway
and jump up on the hamper nearest the shower, sniff, sigh, and curl up, purring.  He's in The Spa at the moment, savoring the fragrant aftermath of my orange-creme goatmilk soap shower.  I can hear him purring from the hallway.

In other news, and leaving aside Christmas Eve's adventure as a completely unrelated incident to his general health, Socks is, since having acupuncture, much improved.  There's been only a very small amount of sneezing, the chronic sinus difficulties have vanished, and he can breathe easily.  More than that -- he can purr, which he hasn't been able to do without setting off a explosive bout of sneezing.  He also has much more energy -- who knew that he could bounce?  We're just really delighted and hope very much (everybody knock wood) that this improvement is permanent

I hope everyone is having a lovely last weekend of 2012.

May it be so! *knocks wood as well*

Well that's just ... quirky, Mozart. Good job.

The positive Socks report is most welcome. I'll bet I'm in good company out here cheering him on.

Scrabble's awfully quiet lately.

I've left a message on your blog, your Facebook page. didn't know this was going to be on the Live Journal but might as well leave one here. I've never heard of a cat liking a damp place. Even if warm.
Glad Socks is feeling much better. You're lucky to have acupuncture available for him.

Most of my Maine Coons have also liked visiting the spa. My newest kitten Ash takes a shower with me every morning. She isn't just watching from the sidelines but sits at my feet the entire time. Most of my other cats just watched.


That's gonna be OK, until that bench shrinks and she can't get under it anymore.

Does she let herself be blow-dried?

Oh she sits on top of the bench too. Face towards the water. I just don't have pictures.

She will allow herself to be towelled off but hates the blow drier.

Of course. Hair dryers are clearly related to the cat-eating vacuum cleaners. Probably scouts for the infernal contraptions.


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