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Calvin & Hobbes happy dance

Eye Candy Alert!

Not only the final art, but the cover, for Necessity's Child now available for viewing, right here.

That's a fascinating image - one can imagine all *sorts* of backstory to with it. Should definitely do its part to sell George. I have to say, however -- Surebleak??? sure doesn't evoke Surebleak to me. Maybe after Korval has been there a few generations, but not the hard-scrabble present.

Well, who says all the action of 'Necessity's Child' takes place on Surebleak?

The art is beautiful...can't wait until the E-ARC is available.
What is the news on Trade Secret? Is that still in work or is it on indefinite hold? I have more than one copy of many of your books, but I have 3 of Balance of Trade...

Steve's still working on Trade Secret. There have been some technical delays, but the project is very much alive.

You've told us a story about Uncle is in the offing. I wonder if Uncle's name is "George?"

Not unless he's changed it quite recently. :)

(The Uncle's name is mentioned in passing in "Dragon Ship", and that's at least the second time it's been mentioned.)

Great cover art. Can't wait to read the book! the Uncle is one of my favorite characters. In the distant past he, as I understood it, was an uncle to a particular family. But since then he's just always called the Uncle. A mysterious character. Which Uncle is which? Is one Uncle the same Uncle...Uncle lives a long time...or are there a series of Uncles? I'm always a little leary of the Uncle ....was worried when Theo was working directly for him. What will the Uncle do next? Is he bad or is he good? One never knows.

Hi - It has taken me a day to just THINK about the new cover. Very powerful. I keep trying to replay different scenes from your other books to see how I can fit it in. The knife and his size are both really intriguing. I have already ordered a copy from Uncle Hugo's, and will get the ARC copy as soon as it comes out from Baen. Wow! Kathy

And I found the cat- double whee! :o)

Congratulations! *offers celebratory catnip*