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Your Thursday morning advert

You are perhaps not aware that Cuttlefish, by Dave Freer is now available for sale from all of the Usual Suspects, including your favorite indie bookstore. Having now been made aware of this fact, you should forthwith go out and obtain a copy. I had the great good fortune to read an advance edition of Cuttlefish, and enjoyed it immensely. I mean, really -- steam-powered submarines! Drowned London! airships! cross-and-double-cross! What's not to love?

This is a reminder -- because I know how you are -- that fellow Mainer James A. Burton's fantasy Powers is on the shelves now. Genre-wise, Powers is contemporary mythic fantasy, with a side order of hard-boiled detective. Think Zelazny crossed on Butcher and you won't be far wrong. I should also mention that Mr. Burton is a very close friend to Maine author James A. Hetley. Fans of Mr. Hetley's work should by all means check out Mr. Burton.

Liaden Audiobooks
This has been mentioned elsewhere, but it's worth saying again: On September 4, 2012 (that's less than two months from now!), Audible will be releasing, simultaneously, every damn' one of the Liaden Universe® novels ever published -- Agent of Change through Dragon Ship!  One million, five hundred thousand words of Liad, four Sequences, four narrators, no waiting!

The Hyperspatial Boardwalk Store
What's summer without a visit to the Boardwalk? Can't get to the boardwalk? We've got you covered. They Hyperspatial Boardwalk Store carries a line of Liaden Universe® t-shirts, coffee mugs, bags and jewelery. While you're there, check out the Archers Beach Store!

Pinbeam Books for summer reading
Thirty electronic chapbooks containing Liaden, Lee, and Miller short stories. One previously very hard to find poetry chapbook by Miller, and! Lee and Miller space opera, The Tomorrow Log. Links take you straight to the Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords edition of each book. Plus! Check out the new Audiobook page!

. . .this has been your morning advert for Thursday, July 12, 2012.

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