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Ghost Ship

SPOILER THREAD: Dragon Ship eArc

In case you missed yesterday's excitement, the eArc for Dragon Ship, the Fourth Book of Theo Waitley, is now available from Baen. To recap:

Download it here.

Dragon Ship art by David Mattingly

This topic is for those ambitious souls who have already read the book and who are bursting to talk about it.

There will be spoilers here! You have been warned.

I ask those who wish to discuss Dragon Ship, to, please, keep to this topic and not spill out into others. Your courtesy is appreciated.

...Jela also left a copy of his DNA profile to Cantra...
I wonder if this is still in the 'logbooks' Cantra began and each Delm continued ... and why this snippet hasn't been used since then in the series... hmm, could still become an issue in the relations with the Xytrang.... even now - with apperance of Spiral Dancer - (+ comp logs?)
Maybe Daav or Val Con is destined to put up with something similar like Anne's publication about the roots of Terrans/Liadens ...

I sooo love this series ...


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