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In support of breast cancer screening

As many of you read, the Susan G. Komen group has withdrawn financial support from Planned Parenthood.  The support was for the purpose of providing breast cancer screenings for poor women, and for various educational programs.

There’s an argument about why this has happened.  Planned Parenthood says that the Komen fund has knuckled under to political pressure.  The Komen folks say they have a policy! not to fund any organization under Congressional investigation.

This is not about that argument.

The point here for Steve and me is that this move means that breast cancer screenings have suddenly been made unavailable to a large number of women, when early detection is key, and through no fault of their own.

So, here’s what we’re doing.  For the month of February, all income received from The Cat’s Job ebook will be donated to Planned Parented, in Hexapuma’s name, specifically for the breast cancer screening program.

Here’s your links:

The Cat’s Job on Smashwords
The Cat’s Job on Nook
The Cat’s Job on Kindle

To Donate Directly to Planned Parenthood, right now, no gimmicks, go here

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This totally specious argument and unconscionable action by the Susan G. Komen group needs to be fought on every level. We responded yesterday by immediately donating to Planned Parenthood, and I urge everyone to do so as well. I applaud you (and Hexapuma)for donating the proceeds from The Cat's Job.

Thank you for putting your money where your morals are.

Thank you for making it super easy for me to put MY money where my morals are!

breast cancer research


2012-02-02 05:43 pm (UTC)

As a 33 year breast cancer survivor, many thanks for all that you are doing. Screening is so important,but don't forget the value of self exams. That's how mine was found (by my husband).

Thank you.
I am also telling the S G Komen people that any money I would have donated to them in the future will be sent to Planned Parenthood.

You are my hero. Thank you so much for doing this.

Thanks for donating and arranging for others to donate to Planned Parenthood....often the only health care available for poor women.
Mayor Bloomberg of NYC has also donated $250,000 which is a matching fund..and Planned Parenthood raised I think it is $650,000 just today. Hizzoner says that health care shouldn't be part of politics. I wish all the politicos believed that.

Too bad about the Komen Fund. They've just made themselves very unpopular.