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Post-book non-news

Well, let's see. . .

I was going to get down to finishing the post-book office clean-up, the taxes, gearing up the files for 2017, and All The Other Stuff that I ignored during the last month of writing Neogenesis, but!

Monday, The Hanging Tree arrived in the mail, so I read it instead of doing any adulting.  Tuesday I had a doctor's appointment, in which several plans were made for health monitoring, including the borked knee.  I'm back to gym, but this time on the recumbent bike, which is apparently less stressful on knee-joints than the treadmill.  Hopefully, I'll be able to strengthen the knee enough that I'll actually be able to walk around Niagara Falls in August.  If it's not significantly better, there's a cortisone shot in my future, so here's hoping bike therapy works.

Yesterday, was Steve's first appointment at the rehab gym, where goal-setting and measurements and other cool things were done.  A three-day-a-week schedule has been put together, which will start next week and continue 'til we leave for MarsCon.  After we come back, re-evaluation will happen.

Today in the mundane world, I'll get back on putting my office back together, and all the other catch-up.  I'm sure there are people out there who manage to keep all of the chores done and the house clean while on deadline, but it's a trick I've never managed.

I think this catches us up. What're y'all doing that's fun?

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Love the paperweight. How far do you have to drive to get to yours and/or Steve's doctor(s)?
Everything is "in town." It's at least 10 miles to "town," and then wherever you need to go. Fortunately, it's a pretty small town. The cardio gym is right on the edge of town, so -- 10.1 miles. My gym is 6 miles in the other direction, in the next town.
Lucky you. I'm a vet (USAF). There's a little VA clinic in the town I live in but the closest VA hospital to me is in a town 126 miles away, which is where I have to go for anything but the most basic care. Luckily, the VA pays for everything. Since I'm "involuntarily" retired and living on a small, fixed income, if I didn't have the VA, I'd be SOL.
"I'm sure there are people out there who manage to keep all of the chores done and the house clean while on deadline, but it's a trick I've never managed."

These people are phantoms. They don't exist. They are the people that our mothers/fathers/teachers used as examples for our trying to keep our bedrooms/dens/desks in order.

I personally have not reached the "half way" to done and clean. In fact I'm happy if when I clear off the counters before the monthly cleaning people visit, I'm happy if everything fits in a single plastic bag. [And I bring the bag back out, and dump it back after the cleaning people leave.]

I spent several days last month printing up Tax forms, and looking up capital gains. This as prep work for actually doing my taxes. These are currently missing. Hopefully they will turn up in the den, or I will need to start all over.