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In which it is now Thursday evening

This week has not so far gone as planned, and apparently I might as well throw Friday out the window, too, in terms of even thinking I'm going to accomplish what needs accomplishing.

First, thanks to everyone who responded to the call for postcard/bookmark bearers.  I will be answering those emails...this weekend, she said firmly.  Thank you, also, for your patience.

Today included a consultation with a doctor, whose news and insights have given us some stuff to think about, while we're staring at a calendar and our expected travel this year.

Tomorrow, I have a regularly-scheduled car thing in Augusta at 9 am, then I get to meet with the new accountant at 2 pm.  Somewhere in-between there should be grocery shopping.

Saturday marks the beginning of four uninterrupted days, if I'm willing to sacrifice Pickleball on the altar of Getting Caught Up.

While we were in Augusta today, we did some errands that can only be accomplished there, such as visiting Bed, Bath, and Beyond and picking up (at last) a new cat window seat, and also some over -the-door hooks.  We also stopped at Staples and bought stick-on-stars.

Why stick-on-stars, you ask?

The stars are an Incentive, as stars should be.  If you have us sign a book at Boskone -- no, it doesn't have to be our book, but if you bring us someone else's book to sign, you must also provide a signed permission slip from the actual author -- we will put a silver star on your badge.

Not too shabby, huh?

We'll be signing on Sunday at noon.

Here's the Compleat Lee and Miller Boskone Schedule, for those who are interested in such things.  As of Right Now, we're planning to host the Friends of Liad Breakfast on Sunday morning.  More information will be provided after we have spoken with the restaurant.

And that?  Is all the news that's fit to print.

Dad and Daughter hanging together Jan 31 2016


Books read in 2016

6. Moon Over Soho, Ben Aaronovitch
5.  Reaper Man, Terry Pratchett (read aloud with Steve)
4.  Conflict of Honors, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller (e) (re-read)
3.  Mort, Terry Pratchett (read aloud with Steve)
2.  The Sculptor, Scott McCloud
1.  A Short History of a Small Place, T.R. Pearson

Who's going to a con, or to a bookstore?

I have here in my hand a small supply of postcards and bookmarks promoting Alliance of Equals by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.

If you're going to a convention, or to your local bookstore, or book fair, book club, or any place where readers gather, and you would like to help us out by placing a few of these on the freebie table, or at the front counter (with permission, of course), or hand them out -- please drop me a note at rolanniATkorvalDOTcom with your mailing address, and I'll pop a few in the mail to you.


Books read in 2016

5.  Reaper Man, Terry Pratchett (read aloud with Steve)
4.  Conflict of Honors, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller (e) (re-read)
3.  Mort, Terry Pratchett (read aloud with Steve)
2.  The Sculptor, Scott McCloud
1.  A Short History of a Small Place, T.R. Pearson


"Will-o'-the-wisp," by Sharon Lee, the second Archers Beach story of January (this one actually set in Archers Beach), is now up and eager to be read, right here.

In case you missed the first Archers Beach story of January, which is actually set in the Land of the Flowers, it's right here.

Next thing on my plate today is!

Revising a story, this one destined for the Alien Artifacts anthology.

Wait, you didn't know about the Alien Artifacts Anthology?  Lucky for you -- there's still time to get on board.  Here's your info linkAnd here's your ordering link.

The Kineo Report, Part the Last

So, yesterday, I went to Tai Chi, where I had what I feel to be a Significant Breakthrough in re Cloud Hands.  I can now -- reliably, not beautifully, but we're looking at a progression, here -- I can now, I say, reliably go through the entire routine, insofar as the class has progressed.  Which is!

Commencement - Open & Close - Cloud Hands - Fair Lady Working Shuttle.

Impressive, yes?

Go, me.

After Tai Chi, I came home, changed into Professional Clothing and beat feet to the hospital, where my day consisted of guiding people to various places inside the hospital and discussing the fact that I have purple hair.  ("Hey," said one person. "How'd you get purple hair?"  "It came with," I said.  Uproar of laughter.  I guess people in hospitals are tense, some.)

After shift-end, I came home (without checking my phone first.  Note to self: always check phone after you get off work), to find that Charlie's Subaru Collision Center had called, and!

Kineo the Wonder Subaru was ready to come home.

It was then 4:25 pm.  Augusta is about a half-hour drive.  The Collision Center closes at 5 pm.  Yeah, I made it; walked in the door at 4:58 pm, claimed Kineo, returned the rental car, and drove home in the dark across Route 201.

This morning, Steve and I slept in, then fired Kineo up and took him for a drive, pausing briefly in Waterville to have a late breakfast at Toast Xpress (Steve had apple crepes, I had raisin bread french toast).  We went down route 32 to the very end, that being the Gulf of Maine, at Pemaquid Point.  We waved at the Atlantic Ocean, thanked the Pemaquid Point Light for its long service, and came home via Damariscotta, where we did not sign books at the Maine Coast Bookstore (now owned and operated by Sherman's), because they didn't have any of ours, and we felt that it would be rude to sign Jim Butcher's.

We spaced around, chatted with staff, met Watson the bull mastiff (presently 4 months old and already bigger than a beagle), and eventually followed Kindly Route 1 to Augusta, and so to home.

I am pleased -- and very, very relieved -- to be able to report that Kineo drives just exactly like he had; there are no malfunctions (well, OK; the clock was wrong and all my saved radio stations got wiped), no Weird Noises, no surprises at all.  It's as if last week's little. . .episode. . .had never taken place.

So relieved.

Also -- and on a side note -- I cannot fully express how very, very grateful I am to have been able to do the entire drive -- 124 miles, so not a monster drive, but still -- without even once feeling sleepy, or dull, or that the drive was a burden I was almost too weary to bear.  And I owe it all to the new! improved! dose of thyroid meds.

Better living through chemicals, yessir.

Now, having returned from our early adventures and eaten lunch, I plan on fixing the short story I wrote a couple days ago, and plugging away at the tax paperwork some more.  Tomorrow morning -- assuming I get up early enough -- pickleball!

Trooper catching some rays Jan 22 2016


In which the author is easily amused

So, it says here that Carousel Tides (published November 2010) has earned out and paid its fond author royalties. This is the second period in which this has happened, so, yay! Carousel Tides!

Carousel Sun (published February 2014) only has $520 to earn back until it, too, can begin contributing to the author's income stream. Last period, it had more than $1,800 to earn back, so -- well done, Carousel Sun!

For the completists -- Carousel Seas was only published in February 2015 (2015, The Longest Year Ever), so no royalty report this time. Maybe next time.

Across all the royalty statements, sales of ebooks are slightly ahead of hard copy sales.  In the case of the books we've written under contract with Baen, of which Trade Secret is only the most recent example, esales paid back the advance in the first six month's of the titles lives.  Which is interesting, if these sorts of things happen to interest you.

And, no, no report for Dragon in Exile -- maybe the time after next time.

So, that.

# # #

Tomorrow bids fair to be an Odd Day.  Tai Chi from 9-10 am, then change into my impression of business clothes, and head out to the hospital for the afternoon shift.  No one has told me precisely where to report, or even pointed out the employee's entrance, though I think I know where it is.  Also, there's some snafu with my badge, so I won't have it, going in.  Well, at least I know my boss' name, and the location of her office.  The rest can be figured out.

This evening, having finished the errands, and cleaned All The Things, it's time at last to get to work, though what I really want to do is curl up on the couch under a floofy blanket and take a nap.

Ah, well.

Maine continues to labor under a snow-free forecast for at least the next 10 days.  This is just. . .eerie.  Mind you, I'm not complaining; there's a very significant part of me that is Perfectly Happy Never to Shovel Snow Again, but, still -- this is Maine.

And so to work.

Belle using cat tree Jan 22 2016

Lee and Miller Hugo eligible work 2015

Because three people have asked, "But what do you have that's eligible for the Hugos?" -- here is a complete list of nominally eligible Lee and Miller work that appeared in 2015:

Carousel Seas, Sharon Lee, Baen Books, January 2015, novel

"Chimera," Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, Baen.com, May 2015, novelette

Dragon in Exile, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, Baen Books, June 2015, novel

Thank you for asking.

Liaden Universe® InfoDump No. 112

Boskone Coming Right Up!
Steve and Sharon will be attending Boskone 53 as panelists.  You may find their final schedule here.

The convention's full schedule is here.

Yes!  We will be (trying to) arrange a Friends of Liad breakfast at Boskone.  We are at the moment leaning toward Sunday morning, given our (very full) Saturday schedule.

New Short Story at Splinter Universe!
"The Wolf's Bride," by Sharon Lee, is now on Splinter Universe, for your reading pleasure.

"Bride" is about Cael the Wolf, and is set in the Land of the Flowers, some very long while before Kate Archer is born a princess in the line of the Sea Lord Aeronymous.

Here's your link.

Feel free to share the link -- and enjoy!

Another Story on its Way!
An as-yet-untitled short story, set in Archers Beach just after the end of Carousel Seas, is headed for Splinter Universe as soon as it's polished and its author finds it a title.  So!

Watch the Skies.

Alien Artifacts Anthology
Did you miss the Kickstarter campaign to fund Alien Artifacts?  Fear not, you can still preorder at the Kickstarter rate, and receive your book in book in August!

Missed the Alien Artifacts frenzy altogether?  Here's what the publisher has to say about that:  Fourteen of today’s best short story writers will tackle what could happen if, in our exploration of space, we run across some of these ancient alien artifacts. Will they catapult humanity to new technological heights . . . or reveal our darkest secrets and destroy us? Edited by Patricia Bray and Joshua Palmatier, this anthology will contain approximately 14 stories with an average length of 6000 words each. The anthology will include short stories by: Jacey Bedford, David Farland/DaveWolverton, C.S. Friedman, Walter H. Hunt, Gini Koch, Sharon Lee & Steve Miller, Gail Z. Martin & Larry N. Martin, Seanan McGuire, and Juliet E. McKenna.

You know you don't want to miss these stories.  Here's your link to preorder.

Alliance of Equals Mini Book Tour
Sharon and Steve will be visiting some bookstores in support of the publication of Alliance of Equals, in July.

July 5, 7 pm: Flights of Fantasy, Albany, NY
July 8, 7 pm: Annie's Book Stop of Worcester, MA 
July 9, 2 pm: Toadstool Books, Milford NH 
July 14, 7 pm: Pandemonium Books, Cambridge MA 

If you're close to any of these bookstores on the dates listed, stop by and say hi!

Other Upcoming Conventions
In addition to Boskone, Steve and Sharon will be attending:

RavenCon, April 29-May 1, Williamsburg, Virginia, Doubletree. Writer Guests of Honor, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller; Artist Guest of Honor, Vincent DiFate. 

BaltiCon 50, May 27-30, The Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel, Baltimore, MD.  Writer Guest of Honor: George R.R. Martin; Artist Guest of Honor, John Picacio.  Also! All of the 50 previous GoHs who are willing to attend.  Steve and Sharon will attending as Past Writer GoHs of BaltiCon 37.

MidAmeriCon II, the 74th World Science Fiction Convention, August 17-21, 2016, Kansas City, MO. Sharon and Steve have purchased their attending memberships.

WorldCon Hotel Bloc Opens
Steve is working on the Lee-Miller reservations as this InfoDump is being written.  Rooms go fast, so if you're thinking about attending WorldCon, now is the time to act.

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Sharon Lee’s blog, Eagles over the Kennebec
Sharon Lee’s Professional Site, and The Blog Without A Name
Splinter Universe Discussion List

Lee and Miller Patreon Support Page

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New Story at Splinter Universe

"The Wolf's Bride," by Sharon Lee, is now on Splinter Universe, for your reading pleasure.

Here's your link.

"Bride" is about Cael the Wolf, and is set in the Land of the Flowers, some very long while before Kate Archer is born a princess in the line of the Sea Lord Aeronymous.

Feel free to share the link -- and enjoy!

Scrabble Jan 22 2016

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